Case Studies

                            We say we deliver, but how can you be certain of our capabilities?

                            ‘The proof of the pudding is in the eating’

                            After all, there are a lot of other Local IT Support Providers out there with similar statements.
                            Well as they say, ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’ and we are proud to say we have ‘bowls full’ of case studies and testimonials for you to take a look at.
                            We believe that our ability to provide the right service for each individual client is at the heart of what makes us different and why clients value our service. Why not as to speak to some of our clients and hear what they have to say first hand.

                            Since 1992, Complete I.T. has worked with over 700 UK organisations to help drive better business performance through the use of IT. Many of our clients are very happy to discuss their experiences. Click on the video to hear their honest assessment of CIT and the services we provide.

                            Our Clients

                            Jo Bird case study logo

                            UK Exporter

                            The inflexibility of the system, particularly when working with a complex bill of materials.

                            Grant Boiler

                            Grant Engineering

                            In the fight against ransomware, the only guaranteed defence is backup.

                            Hertfordshire Action On Disability Logo

                            HERTFORDSHIRE ACTION ON DISABILITY

                            It’s important to have a relationship with your IT support provider

                            Reading Buses

                            Reading Buses

                            Complete I.T. helps Reading Buses to keep on rolling with Datto.

                            Old Parsonage hotel case study

                            OLD PARSONAGE HOTEL

                            Complete I.T. manages total IT upgrade at the Old Parsonage Hotel.

                            Mill Hill High Sch Case study

                            MILL HILL COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL

                            We were selected to work alongside their in-house team to support their IT

                            Amersham town council

                            AMERSHAM TOWN COUNCIL

                            Amersham Town Council work with CIT to implement Microsoft 365.

                            JDX Consulting

                            JDX CONSULTING

                            CIT provide JDX Consulting with state-of-the-art Hosted Telephony system.

                            EST Marketing

                            EST MARKETING

                            CIT implemented a robust and reliable IT & communications infrastructure

                            Ludger case study


                            Ludger decided to work with Complete I.T. needing a full infrastructure upgrade.

                            Preim Case study


                            Residential Estate and Garden Village Managing Agents beat downtime with Datto.

                            Ignite Case study


                            Complete I.T. helps Ignite to use Office 365 on the move.

                            Mobility Aids case study

                            MOBILITY AIDS

                            Complete I.T. to designed and built an IT & telecommunications network for Mobility Aids.

                            Permits2work case study


                            Complete I.T. deliver reliable and responsive systems and IT support for this growing business.

                            UK Fostering

                            UK FOSTERING

                            UK Fostering benefit from a Complete I.T. and Microsoft ‘Techover’.

                            Landell Mills case stdy

                            LANDELL MILLS

                            Landell Mills wanted best practice IT advice and support from their selected outsource partner.

                            Roomservice by corts case study

                            ROOMSERVICE BY CORT’S

                            Complete I.T. delivered an IT systems and communications infrastructure, delivering first class service.

                            Community of st mary

                            COMMUNITY OF ST MARY

                            Complete I.T. completed a full systems and network upgrade in a very challenging environment.

                            Pooch and Mutt Case study

                            POOCH AND MUTT

                            Pooch and Mutt benefit from Microsoft and Complete I.T. ‘Techover’.

                            surry community action

                            SURREY COMMUNITY ACTION

                            Surrey charity refreshes their hardware IT infrastructure and implements with the help of Complete I.T.

                            UHY Hacker case study

                            UHY HACKER YOUNG

                            Using tape backup just doesn’t add up for accountants.

                            Bucks Music Group

                            BUCKS MUSIC GROUP

                            Bucks Music Group was in a nice position to update their I.T.

                            Baker Solicitors Case study

                            BAKERS SOLICITORS

                            Struggling with an out-of-date phone system making communication hard.

                            Benchmark case study


                            CIT have a true understanding of benchmark furniture’s business needs

                            Complete I.T. Blog

                            Why Is IT Support Important?

                            Why Is IT Support Important?

                            Whether you are a start-up, a growing SME or large corporate organisation, IT support is vital. It should be considered as one of your businesses top priorities and privacy / security by design should be on the top of your agenda. Especially due to The General Data...

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