Looking for IT Support in London – Providing IT Services in London and the Greater London Area

                            We support organisations of between 5 and 250 users and have a dedicated focus and expertise with SME organisations.

                            Complete I.T. have been providing IT support to small businesses in London for over 10 years from our Wooburn Green Office. In June 2015 we opened a new central London office based in the London Bridge area. The dedicated London team has grown over the years, delivering high quality IT support near you.

                            Our clients range from those who have no in-house IT team and who need us to manage their entire IT infrastructure, right through to those who have in-house IT and require additional Helpdesk or consultancy resource.

                            We have over 25 years experience in working with businesses just like yours, providing a local, friendly and proactive approach to managing your IT.

                            We’re Microsoft Gold Partners, and experts in technologies such as Microsoft 365, Azure and other cloud based solutions. We also work with a range of other partners to offer independent advice, ensuring that our recommendations and solutions are right for your business.

                            To find out more about what makes us different, and how we can help your business meet your goals, please?give us a call?or complete the?contact form below, and someone will get back to you immediately.


                            London Office 0207 846 4086

                            ?London Helpdesk 0207 993 0010?


                            5-7 Southwark Street, London SE1 1RQ


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                            Frequently Asked Questions

                            How can my teams collaborate whilst working remotely?

                            With Microsoft 365 your teams can work from anywhere in the world as if they were in the office, collaborating on documents at the same time in real time, meeting face2face over Microsoft Teams and communicating using the chat function.

                            How soon before my IT Support Review is due should I start researching IT Support Provider?

                            If you are unhappy with your current provider there is no reason that you can not shop around, make a list of what is most important to you, SLA’s, communication, cost saving and meet with a few providers. When it comes to your review date you will have a good idea of who you want to approach.

                            What is the most important thing to consider when selecting an IT Support Provider?

                            We believe the relationship you build with your provider is most important, we become a part of our clients teams and a strong relationship underpins that.

                            I have an in house IT team but need additional support for projects?

                            Our Complete I.T. Support Solution is built around your needs, whether that is additional help for your in-house teams, technical expertise for large projects or simply holiday and sickness cover.

                            Complete I.T. Blog

                            The Workplace of The Future

                            The Workplace of The Future

                            Everyone is talking about the workplace of the future and due to COVID-19 the way we will work moving forward is bound to change. The lockdown has meant our teams have had to adapt to working from home and many organisations have had to change the way they do...

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                            If you are an existing client to get support call us on:

                            0117 923 1133 (Bristol)
                            01628 552861 (High Wycombe)
                            0207 993 0010 (London)
                            01865 593011 (Oxford)
                            01733 306633 (Peterborough)
                            01793 688595 (Swindon)
                            0161 823 3613 (Manchester)
                            0121 461 2667 (Birmingham)

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