A simple software solution to link your systems

                            Services built for you

                            KCPOS is an EPOS solution that is integrated with your back-end accounting software package, which allows product details from a central location to be synchronised across many sites simultaneously.

                            Automatically transfer product, pricing and customer accounts data whenever necessary without wasting time, enabling staff to concentrate on other tasks. By removing chance of human error, it allows for a more efficient process.

                            Features and Benefits of KCPOS

                            A system that works well should be backed-up by many unique features that assist in all circumstances in any industry to transform the way business is carried out, without inhibiting your daily processes.


                            KCPOS Hardware

                            Our EPOS Hardware Services Include

                            Available processor options make the technology adaptable.

                            Flexible &?Cost Effective
                            Choose your own options for colour, required memory, cash drawer and more.

                            We use hardware rugged enough to withstand the toughest environment.

                            Business integration – without moulding your business to the new system

                            Connecting your accounting software, e-Commerce channels or other systems means your EPOS solution will allow you to trade on all fronts, meanwhile your stock, accounts and reports are updated immediately, meaning no overlap arises.

                            Increasing Business Performance – At Every Level

                            Drill down to the details of every branch, channel, point of sale and staff member using real-time data. Either using built-in reports or customise them yourself as it makes it easier to analyse business performance and allows you to make informed decisions.

                            business integration
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                            Intuitive and Dynamic – Happy Customers

                            Transactions should be efficient to process in an intuitive user-interface, using multi-currency and industry standard chip and pin functionality, therefore minimising your queue times to ensure customer satisfaction.

                            Safe & Secure – Keep Your Stock & Customer Data Safe

                            A powerful, secure solution with back-ups and automatic refresh so your system always has the most relevant and up-to-date data.


                            Stock Management And Forecasting – Across Various Different Locations

                            Organise and keep track of all stock, having the capacity to manipulate stock locations, predict stock levels, perform stock takes and complete price audits electronically, without causing any disruptions.

                            eCommerce Integration – Connect Your Website To Your Epos & Accounts

                            Expand links within your accounting software, the point of sale and your chosen eCommerce channels to generate a trading business around the clock, whilst gaining constant updates on sales and financial data.


                            Improve Customer Loyalty – Increase Your Profits

                            Constructing secure, complete databases to improve efforts with target markets using special offers and rewards to overview spending habits, creating many business opportunities.

                            Fast & Easy Booking Management – For Ultimate Efficiency

                            Efficiently control the booking of venues and facilities increasing their potential and preventing double booking by keeping track of customer details, utilising changeable diary features and ‘time-locking’ slots visible to users.

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